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Frequently Asked Questions About Water and Water Conditioner Issues


How do I change my prefilter


1) Place suitable container beneath filter house to catch excess water.

2) Open nearest cold water faucet and allow to run.

3) Close inlet valve (in same line as prefilter).

4) When water stops running from faucet close outlet valve.

5) Press and hold red button on top of filter housing to release any residule pressure from the system (if button is present).

6) With filter wrench placed on lower filter houseing turn from right to left to loosen.

7) Remove filter housing. May be heavy.

8) Remove old cartridge and wipe inside of housing clean if necessary. check to make sure o'ring is in place and well lubricated-replace if necessary.

9) If your assembly is equipped with a pilot bushing in upper housing, push new filter (large hole up) onto pilot assembly, it should suspend freely once in place - if your filter is not so equipped, place cartridge into lower housing.

10) Refit lower housing assembly and tighten until snug using your hands only. do not use filter wrench for this.

11) Slowley open inlet valve to softner allow system to pressurize - check for leaks.

12) Once pressurized slowely open outlet valve.

13) When water runs clear and free of air close cold water faucet. done.

To clean washable cartridges pre-rinse under running water then soak in 1 part bleach 3 parts water for 2 hrs. Re-rinse under running water and set aside to air dry for next filter change.

What kind of salt should I use


There are clean brands of salt we use and recommend. Dura-Cube, ProSoft, and Hardi Cube to name a few. These are Ultra-High Purity, Compacted salts. Some brands of salt contain additives, dirt, sand or other debris that can be left behind as salt dissolves. This can lead to poor operation of your equipment and the need to clean out the brine tank completely.

We also carry Potassium Chloride.

Are there alternatives to salt


Potassium Chloride (KCl) can be an excellent substitue for sodium chloride (NaCl) in both residential and commercial water softening processes. Using KCl will lower the amount of sodium in tap water, reduce the chloride discharged into the enviroment, and help supply an additional source of dietary potassium.


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