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Like iron, manganese exists in two forms. When manganese reaches a level of .05ppm, staining begins. As the level increases the staining becomes worse. Stains are black or dark brown in color. This water usually contains a great deal of colored colloidal turbidity, which is difficult to remove. This this problem is commonly referred to as "colloidal" manganese.

Clear water manganese is manganese in solution. Most clear water manganese can be removed by ion exchange and or a very fine filter system (1 micron to 5 micron).

Black water manganese is manganese in suspension. Black water manganese can be removed with an oxidizing iron filter or a chlorination system. Colloidal manganese can be removed through fine filter media, chlorination, or an oxidizing iron filter system


dirtydirtyfilterThis is an example of a filter that has been removed from a home with clear water manganese. To see what the filter should look like go to our page on filters. This is the same filter as the tall blue one in the center of the photograph.



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