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There are two common forms of iron we must deal with. Ferrous and Ferric Iron.

Ferrous Iron (clear water iron or iron in solution)
Water containing ferrous iron will be clear when drawn from the tap. If the water is allowed to stand in a glass overnight the iron will precipitate out of the solution and fall to the bottom of the class with a rusty color. Most ferrous iron can be removed through ion exchange.

Ferric Iron (red water iron or iron in suspension)
Water containing ferric iron will usually be reddish in color when drawn from the faucet. Ferric iron must be filtered out of the water using some sort of iron removal system. Iron is measured in parts per million (ppm). When the level of iron reaches .3ppm, staining starts. As the iron content increases the staining becomes worse, The stains are red, reddish orange, yellow, brown, or blackish in color, which may be a combination of the various types of iron. The amount of iron in the water supply can depend on the season of the year

Iron Bacteria

Sometimes called iron algae, this is bacteria found in well water that contains ferrous iron and little or no oxygen. Free oxygen is the small bubbles you see sometimes clinging to the side of a clear class of water. Iron bacteria are rarely found were ferric iron is present.

Iron bacteria consume iron to continue to their life process. While this bacteria is not harmful, it is most unpleasant in appearance. Slimy, brown, spongy, or stringy looking growth is the best description of iron bacteria. This is most noticeable in the storage tank of your toilet. We use either an iron filter, chlorine system, or oxidization system to kill iron bacteria.

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