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Ion Exchange

Water contains positive and negative charged particles called "ions". The ion exchange process exchanges calcium and magnesium "cations" for sodium "cations". A water softener contains a material called resin. Resin contains thousands of hard plastic beads, which are cationic by design. The beads are "charged" with sodium cations when the resin is subjected to a brine solution of sodium chloride (salt).

The resin is then rinsed with influent water. Any excess sodium and all chloride is flushed to the drain.

Incoming water is passed down through the resin. As the water come in contact with the resin, the calcium and magnesium in the water are attracted to the resin and they displayed the sodium, which is presently attached to the resin.

After hard water flows through the resin for a period of time, the resin will become saturated with the hardness minerals. At this time, the resin is again saturated with brine, the sodium displaces the hardness minerals, and the ion exchange process starts all over again.

The cleaner the resin at the beginning of the process the less salt is used to clean the resin and the longer the life expectancy of the resin becomes.

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