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Hydrogen Sulfide

Derived from hydrogen and sulfur combining in the water system , it is usually quite noticeable by the rotten egg odor it gives off. In large amounts, hydrogen sulfide is both poisonous and corrosive. It often turns copper pipes black. There are several methods for removing hydrogen sulfide from your water supply. We use an iron filter or oxidizer for the levels of 2ppm or less.

A chlorination system may be used for any level greater than 2ppm or where fluctuating levels of hydrogen sulfide are present.

Carbon is used to adsorb odor in water.

Organics and gasses are often found in well water. These can produce bad tastes and odors.

Passing Water containing organics and gasses through a bed of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) can adsorb odors, remove the bad taste and give a clear, polished appearance to the water.

Longer contact time with the carbon, means more taste, odor and colour is removed.

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