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Demand Metered Regeneration Systems:

  • Metered Regeneration Systems regenerate when you have reached a set amount of gallons of water used. When your water supply is tested for hardness, iron, and other elements for removal the meter is set at an optimum setting for salt and water usage to complete the regeneration process. If you don't use the water, it doesn't regenerate, if you use a lot of water, it regenerates more often. The benefit is they use less salt and can save you 15-25%.

Timed Regeneration Systems:

  • Our Timed Regeneration Systems our extremely reliable and have a great price. Timed systems regenerate on a set schedule determined by the time of day you want them to regenerate. These systems are very simple to adjust and manage. When you want quality water without straining your budget a timed system may be for you.

Single Tank Water Conditioner:

  • Single Tank Water Conditioners operate using the Ion Exchange Process. They can come with both Timed and Metered controls. These systems are a great way to get good quality water. If space is a concern a single tank system may fit into your available space. An added bonus is that in the future if you decide to upgrade to a twin tank system, or just replace your existing single tank, your current system can be converted to another type of water treatment equipment to enhance your water quality even further.

Twin Tank Water Conditioner:

  • Twin Tank Water Conditioning systems have many benefits to them. They provide you with 24 hour soft water usage. There special controls keep one tank in service and one tank in standby mode at all times. When the in service tank reaches its capacity the control automatically switches tanks so that you will never be on hard water.
  • These systems are great for those who want continuous soft water or live in a high hardness area. They are also extremely efficient in their salt usage. Typical savings are around 25-30%. This is accomplished by the system immediately going into regeneration when needed, so there is no need for a tank reserve. These systems come with metered controls only.

Iron Filters:

  • Iron Filters remove iron from the water.
  • Iron Filters remove taste and odor.
  • The water flows through a highly oxygenated media and the oxygen charge burn the dissolved metallic salts such as iron. As the iron is burned and turned to ash, the water continues through the media and the debris is then filtered out of the water. One of the differences between iron filters and iron filter pricing is flow rates. The lower the flow rate the lower the cost of the iron filter. It is very important to make sure you get an adequate flow rate with your equipment.

Reverse Osmosis: Click here


  • All filters are not created equal.
  • The better the filter cartridge, the cleaner the water, the less your equipment needs service.
  • The best filter cartridges are made out of fiber.
  • Pleated cartridges are constructed with a polypropylene core and filter material. Pleated filters remove debris by capturing most of the dirt on the outer surface of the filter material. Our pleated filters are made of fiber that is washable and will not break down in this manner.
  • Pleated paper is the most economical material, but it can't be re-used. These filters have a short life and can even become shredded resulting in filter material ending up in the resin of the water softener. If this were to happen the resin would need to be replaced.
  • We do also carry a disposable filter. These depth filters will hold sand and iron just as the multi-use filters without falling apart. These are the best disposable filters we have found.


  • There are clean brands of salt we use and recommend. Dura-Cube and Hardi Cube to name a few. These are Ultra-High Purity, Compacted salts. Some brands of salt contain additives, dirt, sand or other debris that can be left behind as salt dissolves. This can lead to poor operation of your equipment and the need to clean out the brine tank completely.

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