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Water is essential to all life. It’s important to have fresh, clean, filtered water to stay healthy and hydrated. At Michigan Water Conditioning, water treatment is what we do! We have made it our mission to ensure our customers have access to clean water through our Twin Tank Technology.

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Clean water, Waterford, MI

Water, Water, Everywhere But Which Drop Do I Drink?

Not all water is the same. Water supplies contain elements that can be harmful to your health and home. These elements can create deposits where water flows and can result in hefty repair or replacement costs. These can be minimized with a new high-quality water Conditioner or other custom water treatment system. With regular maintenance, our system has an average lifespan of 15-25 years and come with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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Repairing an existing water system, our team is ready to help you with our many products!

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Twin Tank Technology

A source of clean soft water to maintain your water conditioning system is the secret to your success!

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Water Facts

Click here to learn more about what is in the water. You might be surprised by some of these facts!

About Michigan Water Conditioning, Inc.

In 1974, Michigan Water Conditioning brought Twin Tank Technology to Michigan and ​settled in Waterford and we still have the same management and same location since then. Our only business is water treatment.

Water Treatment, Waterford, MI

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